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We are building a web-based application to provide an easy, secure, and private way for people around the world to prove they are free from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 

The app will be FREE, and open-sourced to governments.

Join with us to bring everything back to normal!

Free From COVID-19
Free From COVID-19

Join Us Reignite the World

Our app encourages people to use “contact tracing” apps.

With our app, you can use your contact tracing app to get a QR Code that shows you are free from COVID-19.

You can then show your QR Code to a bar, cafe, restaurant, hotel, concert, conference, church, or anyone you want.  They can then easily and quickly verify that you are free from COVID-19.

This means everyone will want to use contact tracing apps!

What is a "Contact Tracing App"?

Free From COVID-19

Use Cases

Use Case #1

Julie is a business development manager with a conference facility in Boston.

She was a top performer.  Now she has been furloughed, and is worried about her future.

If her employer doesn’t get back in business soon, it will go bankrupt.  And Julie and all of her co-workers would have to try to find another line of work.

What can Julie’s company do?

Use Case #2

Sally lives in Virginia.  She is an avid user of Contact Tracing App A, which is promoted by the government health authorities in Virginia.

Sally wants to spend a few days in Washington, DC.  But she knows that the hotels, bars, and restaurants in Washington, DC are going to want to assure their patrons and staff that she is not a Coronavirus carrier.

However, she is concerned that people in Washington, DC may not recognize Contact Tracing App A.

How can Sally go to Washington, DC?

Use Case #3

Martin lives in France.  He uses the French contact tracing app all the time.

However, when he travels to Italy for a conference, he suddenly discovers that a fraudster created a fake app that looks like the French app, but in fact only shows that every user has no COVID-19 contacts.

How can Martin prove that his app is the real one?

Use Case #4

Elizabeth runs a resort hotel in Tucson.  She would like to accommodate a large number of South Korean guests for a wedding at the hotel.

She also wants to assure the health and safety of her other hotel guests, as well as of the hotel’s many employees.

Elizabeth is aware that South Korea uses at least one contact tracing app.  However, none of her current employees read or speak Korean.

How can Elizabeth accomplish her goals?

Use Case #5

Simon owns a bar in Miami.

If he doesn’t get his usual summer business from the international partying and leisure crowds, he will go bankrupt.

What can Simon do?

Use Case #6

Alex misses going to his church on Sundays.

Although he likes the online sermons, he wants to be back in the pews with his fellow church-goers.

But he doesn’t want to get anyone sick if he is a Coronavirus carrier. He wants to show everyone he is free from COVID-19.

How can Alex do this?

Our App Prioritizes

Completely anonymous, with world-class security

Privacy and Security

Completely anonymous, with world-class security
No complicated or hard to understand features

Ease of Use

No complicated or hard to understand features
No single authority, no single point of failure


No single authority, no single point of failure
Lightning fast, super simple, super dependable

Speed and Reliability

Lightning fast, super simple, super dependable

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